Tectonic plates collide beneath my feet
Rattled to the core
Unsettled and heady
We are set adrift you and I
Our destiny unknown

It’s dark then light as hours pass
Ours is a silent and protracted death
Yet you are pervasive
You linger
And then are gone with the tides

I step outside into the night
And breathe
I’m still here
My heart still beats
And another day is done

Unremarkable and barely tolerable
Hours swallow me whole
The ground rumbles beneath my feet
I scream
But no one hears beyond the wind and glass sails

Each night a dead weight subsides
Replaced by Satan’s cloak on a steady breeze
Pins of light appear to dance
Like bioluminescence in a black sea
And I breathe

I care not for the fortunes of your distant shadow
For darkness is a blanket that swaddles me
A soothing shroud
It harbours my soul
No longer a ghost disguised

I’ve stood beside the crater
Borne witness to its last breaths
The ground has settled now
In repose
It’s just the waves that come and go

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